For over 100 years this truth has been demonstrated to this congregation - Our God is faithful to His people. God has had a people in this place for over a century now, and Burkemont Baptist has been a God-inspired venture from the start. In 1910 at a business meeting held at Mull's Grove Church, the proposition to look for property on the Old Rutherford Road (now Burkemont Road) and to move the church to a location where people could have easier access was made. By 1915 property was secured from Molton and Ida Brittian, and by 1916, the first church building - a white frame structure built by the men of the church - was completed. Read More
Audio Files

We would like to thank the Willie and Ira Dale family for preserving and sharing this past history via these audio recordings.

Pastor Johnny Tiller.  October 8, 1961, Sermon:  The Crucifixion

The Burkemont Trio (Lee Ervin Ross, Ervin Ross, Loretta Ross Denton w/pianist Margaret Tiller) singing "The Love of God" and Loretta Denton w/The Denton's singing "Beulah Land"

Pastor Johnny Tiller, October 29, 1961, Sermon:  What Baptist Believe