TeamKID (Preschool - 6th Grade)

TeamKID is new for the next generation of kids — with high energy games, a greater emphasis on missions, and more memory verses that help kids apply Bible truths to real life — while kids learn Bible truths foundational for every Christian.

More Bible!
Bible Study: each meeting includes a Bible Story and teaching that helps kids grow into disciples of Christ. Bible Memory: each meeting includes a memory verse connecting to that week’s Bible truth.

Extra verses: an extra verse is listed on each week’s Parent Connection from the DVD-ROM (added from the Green Cycle of Bible Skills Drills & Thrills)

More Missions!
Missions Videos: each week has its own missions video from Kids on Mission

Missions Activities: each meeting includes missions reproducibles and extras from the DVD-ROM

More Fun!
More Rec Games: TOURNAMENT activities are bigger and better than ever, which means more fun!

WARM-UP: each meeting kids off with a fun activity that can incorporate kids as they arrive and peak interest in the Bible truth for the day

TeamKID: Going Vertical is the next step in helping kids grow closer to God — a kid-friendly study of the Bible itself. Kids today are growing up in a culture where the Bible isn’t revered as a holy book, where they’re made fun of for believing truths that go against the grain of popular.

Last Published: September 12, 2018 9:02 AM
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