Burkemont offers a nursery and preschool area that is filled with individuals who love your children! These trained professionals desire to show the love of Jesus Christ to every child they have the privilege of serving.  Nursery and preschool are offered during every service. The safety of your child is one of our utmost concerns.  When a child  joins us in the nursery/preschool department  you can be assured that:

Your child will be nurtured and loved.There will be at least 2 adults in every class.  No child is ever left alone with one adult. We will maintain our ratios of leaders to children:
    Babies  - 1 to 2
    1-2 year olds  -  1 to 3
    3-5 year olds  -  1 to 7
    K-5th Grade  -  1 to 10

No one will be allowed to pick up your child without a pick-up sticker or proper identification. We take very seriously our responsibility to assist parents in training up their child in the way they should go.  We are blessed by the opportunity to show Christ’s love to His precious children and their families. We desire feedback from all of our children and parents.  We constantly want to improve!  Please feel free to contact us by calling or clicking here.

Last Published: July 8, 2019 4:39 PM
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